A Brand With More Chemistry


Each idea developed in our creative laboratory becomes a formula that materializes everything we imagine, which motivates us to perform actions that care for life and bring people together.

Brands’ adaptability to the environment’s conditions that surround them and the different dissemination channels they use has become an essential requirement to guarantee their effectiveness and to have a more significant relationship with their consumers. 

Creating a strong connection that goes beyond the electronic devices that help us communicate, amid self-care measures that force us to be distant to avoid becoming infected, this is the mission that many companies have set out to accomplish, prompting us to make structural changes in the way we see ourselves and how we like to be seen. 

This is precisely the case of igloolab, where we ventured to change our image and upgrade our brand, strengthen the values we represent as a company, and better demonstrate how we have gone from being a Health Agency to becoming a strategic ally in health.

Brand concept

The first step was to assess what we were doing and how we could contribute directly to improving people’s quality of life.

Therefore, we set out to generate actions that care of life, with disruptive tools that go far beyond the significant impact caused by the digital experiences in which we have specialized for several years, and that now adapt to the new global sce- nario during the pandemic, linking them to the physical plane without representing risk: We take on the challenge of getting closer each time.

We started with ourselves and stopped “distancing” our own name, removing the dash in Igloo-Lab to become igloolab. Part of our job at the company is to “make science simple,” so our name also must be simplified and consistent.

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Like us, most of the agencies involved in pharmaceutical digital marketing have directly included scientific or medical voca- bulary in their naming: pharma, medical, digital, tech, etc. We did not want anything conventional, so thinking about the changing and competitive market we face, where each discovery or idea must be protected in the best way and in which it is explicitly about saving lives, what better way to take care of all this? Hence the analogy of an igloo.

Our sign: The creative ‘i’

We also created an isologotype that directly related us to what we are passionate about science. This is how we came up with our creative ‘i’, which simulates a test tube with a component coming out of it.

One of the most critical issues to consider when starting a rebranding process is to make sure that the brand image can survive over time, and for this, it is essential that its design can be adapted to any tone, color, or style.

We are inclusive, and all colors fit in our company; that is why igloolab’s image is multicolored. We do not want to be iden- tified with only one aspect of what we do but with a macro projection of what we can achieve. That is why the color purple predominates, which represents creativity and imagination.

We invent our own chemistry

Igloolab is a creative lab specializing in omnichannel health marketing, where we coordinate all available channels con- nected to each other, looking for effective communication.

As a Health Agency, we have always had the great responsibility of making high-impact projects in the health sector a reality. Therefore, our new image shows how we have advanced assertively. We are discovering every day “compatible substances” with health and innovation to provoke a great chemical reaction full of creativity, collaborative work, and disruptive ideas that help in the welfare of all.

That is why we create our own chemistry, which we describe as that feeling that connects us to other people; and that, when mixed, sparks and activates our passion. Each idea we develop becomes a formula that materializes everything we imagine, motivating us to generate actions that care for life and connect people.

A few years ago, nobody believed that the medicine-creativity formula was so closely related, but in reality, both have more “chemistry” than we thought, and we are just in charge of proving it.

Luis Alfonso Ruíz
CEO – igloolab


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