Asthma Life Experience: an idea with a fresh breath


Created by igloolab, this idea received recognition at the WINA Festival, the epicenter of creativity focused on the pharmaceutical sector and its effectiveness. We invite you to learn more about this award.

Last Friday, June 16, a disruptive experience took place that transcended the barriers of a simple conversation, taking the experts to live in the skin of patients diagnosed with asthma. 

This innovative proposal, developed by igloolab, has earned an outstanding recognition at the prestigious WINA Festival, the epicenter of creativity focused on the pharmaceutical sector.

Below, we invite you to delve into the details of this award and discover how this revolutionary initiative is changing the way we approach and understand Asthma.

Asthma Life and WINA Festival

igloolab is constantly looking for creative and disruptive ways to transmit the objectives of our projects, this time our purpose was to extract the assistants of Asthma Life of a traditional event and move them to an immersive experience. Where they had the opportunity to live a unique immersion in what their patients go through daily, this with the full intention of seeing with new eyes the respiratory conditions that affect Colombians and how our client Nucala manages to solve it.

As every year, the WINA Festival – World Independent Advertising Awards – closed the 2023 edition with an awards ceremony held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Bogota, Colombia, rewarding the best works of independent agencies and multinational networks at national and international level.

Our proposal ‘Asthma Life Experience’ won a “Wina Silver” in the category Health Care and Pharma, with this recognition we have won 3 awards at the festival, which motivates us greatly to continue building ideas that can transform people’s lives.

The importance of perspective

We consider that one of the great milestones of Asthma life and Nucala as an idea and as a client was the fact of taking the risk of transforming collective thinking, something that is not easy to achieve.  Thanks to the development of an immersive experience supported by performance and Hologauze technology, we were able to create a unique connection between the event’s attendees and the Nucala auto-injector, the same product that makes treatments easier with a unique formula that ensures the safety of Colombians.

Undoubtedly, this achievement not only represents advances in the treatment of asthma, but also transcends by becoming a reference that demonstrates how medicine contributes to improving people’s life quality. It also invites us to explore a field full of infinite possibilities to connect with others and be part of those pioneers who transform thinking. 

This experience fills us with joy, pride and, above all, motivation to continue providing solutions that have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Our vision for the future

We understand that emerging technologies are an opportunity to connect with the public, so we are confident that creativity applied responsibly for brands becomes a formula to improve people’s lives. 

Thus, we believe that it is not simply a matter of looking for an extraordinary moment in an event; rather, we are driven to create a memorable experience in which the product or brand not only stands out for its quality, but also establishes a solid bond that strengthens the vision of both experts and consumers in the long term. This is the formula for safeguarding people’s health and giving doctors the opportunity to combat the effects of disease effectively.

Creativity as a starting point for improving health

We are thrilled to be part of the winning podium of the festival, as it represents a breakthrough for igloolab. However, our goal goes beyond seeking recognition; we aspire to generate ideas that transcend and change paradigms. 

In creativity, we find that progressive ingredient that drives us to go further, transforming realities and lives. Our commitment to the culture of our organization is aligned with the values we seek to foster in our employees, partners and clients on a daily basis. We are not simply an agency that offers solutions; we strive to provide additional value in every project, exceeding 100% in every request we receive.

What’s next for igloolab and its customers?

Despite the many challenges we face, it is a fact that health is a constantly changing and evolving topic. While we celebrate from our workstations, we have the vision to find in every brief the opportunity to transform mindsets, and discover in every behavior a new way to generate solutions. Of course, always supported by technology, our valuable ally to promote the well-being of everyone.

To our clients, we are deeply grateful for their trust in our work, and we assure them that we are committed to delivering relevant results that truly generate transformations. For us, our clients are more than just working relationships; they represent friendship and mutual trust. We are committed to presenting surprising proposals, revolutionary ideas and bets focused on improving people’s lives.

Asthma Life Experience

Finally, we are pleased to present to you the idea of which we are deeply proud. It is the result of the hard work of a talented, multidisciplinary and, above all, a human team, whose mission is to make magic happen. Before concluding, we want to open our doors to all brands that are willing to go a step further, trust us and transform together. 

This path is intended for those allies who, like us, are visionaries and aim to transform and protect through every solution and innovation that is created along the way.

Luis Alfonso Ruíz                                                                                                 

Igloolab– CEO


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