Augmented reality in medicine


In the medical and pharmaceutical industry, augmented reality has taken knowledge beyond the traditional way. Learn about its evolution
Augmented reality in medicine

The use of new technologies has overstepped the purpose of recreation to emerge in other fields that are also associated with knowledge and research management.

This is evident when choosing digital tools such as AR, which a few years ago was barely considered anything more than just an visually impressive format  and now contributes significantly to science and its actions to care for life.

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When it comes to AR in medicine, a whole range of possibilities open up. In educational purposes for healthcare professionals it can be used to acquire new knowledge in a different format. Also, it has made putting into practice certain subjects more dynamic and appealing.

As of today, fellowship taught by healthcare professionals can have a component of high interaction by relying on the simulation of surgical procedures, in which it is possible to measure the problem-solving capacity of a healthcare professional prior to getting into the operation room.

Also, from AR we can display controlled testing environments in which healthcare professionals can study the reaction an organism has when exposed to certain substances or to see the changes the human body has with a particular pathology and how its treatment affects it. 

Each day, AR positions itself as an important resource whose uses were probably not taken into account before for important subjects.

Benefits of Augmented Reality (AR) in the pharmaceutical industry

Benefits of Augmented Reality (AR) in the pharmaceutical industry

The close relationship between science and technology has led both to complement each other in different processes. One of its benefits is knowledge management, in which AR makes the transfer of information towards a specific sector easier, which would help to do tasks such as raising awareness of the discovery and development of a new molecule or treatment of pathologies, more dynamic and effective.

From a scientific point of view, it is significantly more effective to provide AR tools to the sales representatives in order to be able to explain the advantages of one molecule over another when visiting pharmacy employees and healthcare professionals, instead of continuing to use traditional forms for this process. 

Pharmaceutical labs can reach their niche markets more effectively and gain ground over the competition.

Another benefit of this tool reflects on cost reduction when making product launches, whether it is during an event or on the strategy implementation. AR experiences can be used from any location, it only takes setting up a QR o marker to provide information to the audience quickly, efficiently and without having to invest greater resources to be really disruptive, especially when in need of reaching the end consumer.

Instead of spending large amounts of money on equipment, staff, and logistics, we get technology into the hands of the target public without major effort.

Why include Augmented Reality to get close to the audience?

Why include Augmented Reality to get close to the audience?

Taking the risk of going from the analog world and traditional media to the digital world has turned into a challenge for multiple businesses who point at having a distinguishing factor in the market. Technology offers the possibility to expand into phygital (physical+digital) experiences that are currently a global trend, which provides a different component to the interaction process with consumers, clients and users.

The use of totally immersive digital tools has a greater impact than old formats like designing a piece of paper with a complex reading with little connection with our audiences, cutting down completely the feedback channels which provide us with important data on how the experience went, what opinions they have about the product or service and how it could be improved.

AR creates a unique and memorable experience, which allows one to connect with the target public in a more direct way with the advantage of being able to use it from any mobile device. It also allows the user to take the information with them and have access to it at any time.

Augmented Reality in specialized events

The physical world is becoming more connected with the digital world, causing businesses to seek for quick adaptation to new technologies and channels.

It is particularly evident that in this evolutionary process specialized events stand out in multiple scenarios. Taking attendees to a different sensory experience makes all the difference.

From AR, we can create a whole environment that involves the audience and deliver to them the final message taking them on a journey to acquire knowledge without it being too obvious.

In these events, maximized augmented reality is possible by mixing it with artificial intelligence, computer graphics, imaging, computer simulation, and 3D interactions.We can also add audio effects, lights and gamification components reaching a higher experience level that gives another meaning to the activity.

Improve the interaction between laboratories and their audience

Given that AR is a phygital experience, it has as a condition to be applied to short and easily assimilated content. Using long, heavy content does not make sense, because creating real physical reactions through digital tools will be lost. Dynamism ends up being the key to generate closeness with the audience easily. 

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The communication of information must be quick and easy to understand to reach a greater engagement between the brand and its audience. Ensuring interaction with the audiences through the content made by the laboratories relies precisely on this detail.

How to get the best out of Augmented Reality?

How to get the best out of Augmented Reality?

When we talk about phygital activities such as AR, we refer to putting together elements of the digital and physical world to provide a multichannel experience to the audience. And although this tool is already attractive on its own, we must take care of certain details that, in case, being left out the digital tool will lose its charm.

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1. We must define accurately the problem we want to solve with this tool and whether AR is in fact what we need and not some other type of experience or format.

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2. It is always important to understand our audience. We must keep in mind which is the public target we will address and whether it knows or not how to use the tool, considering that it can turn into an obstacle when it comes to living an experience of this kind.

It is recommended to segment audiences. It’s not the same to use AR by a 20-year-old digital native, than a 45 or 50-year-old adult who conceives the use of their phone for communication purposes only. 

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3. Be careful with expectations! Although phygital experiences such as AR have lots of advantages, other aspects are also important when including formats of this type in our communication strategies such as the reach it will have, the time of development and implementation, and the price.All of this will also help the brand to have absolute clarity about what it is going to achieve with this tool.

Augmented Reality Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The use of new technologies has created a new path for companies that were previously resistant to change and preferred to use known formats, but now in the digital field have found a new way to impact its audience.

The pharmaceutical industry has started a very important and positive process of change by opening up to other options such as Augmented Reality and other experiences in the implementation of their strategies.

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Which solutions does it offer? Here are some of them:

Efficiency and dynamism in the message: Thanks to digital tools such as AR, doctors and patients can interact with the products in a hyperrealistic way by visualizing them on the screen of their mobile devices. They can know its characteristics and the action mechanism when a visit from our sales force takes place.

Effective communication and sales growth: In general, phygital experiences completely exceed the possibilities of the printed format and provide additional audiovisual information of the products in a distinctive way, ensuring a greater impact on the target public.

Increased reliability and differentiation: Better communication between brands and audiences will create an unbreakable bond of trust.

In the pharmaceutical industry, it is essential that healthcare professionals are truly confident about what they are prescribing to their patients, so we must implement disruptive strategies that provide an environment of effective learning and knowledge about the products.

The technological solutions help laboratories make a high impact on the market, improving positioning, engaging new clients, and differentiating itself from the competition.

We are a company that believes in the power of Augmented Reality. 

We are a company that believes in the power of Augmented Reality. 

At Igloolab, we make science simple. We focus our resources on translating scientific language into content accessible to everyone, in a clear and dynamic way.

All the digital and technological tools that emerge from our creative lab aim to contribute to knowledge and scientific support.

As pioneers in Colombia in phygital experiences, our goal is to create content with technological tools in such a successful way that they create a truly high retention rate, turning each message into an unforgettable experience.

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