What is Phygital?


When we talk about digital tools, it is not only about making websites or mailings. Based on experience, at Igloolab, we have managed to mix creative innovation with relational processes, resulting in multisensory reactions.


The physical world is becoming increasingly connected to the digital world, thus requiring companies to adapt to new technologies, experiences, and channels more quickly.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the way we relate to each other changed utterly. This forced us to adopt self-care measures, the most important of which was social distancing. Consequently, digital experiences became a primary tool to keep humankind on track.

Today, almost two years after the first transmissions were recorded, the “new normal” has merged the physical plane with the most recent advances in technology, which leads us to believe that the future will be hybrid but based on digital.

According to the Reuters Events Reference 2021 report, it is estimated that there will be a 67% increase in hybrid events in the first quarter of 2022.

This figure becomes an excellent opportunity to create experiences that have a high interaction, generate more excellent recall, and be measurable to optimize our impact.

Phygital Experiences: A Global Trend

A few years ago, only in movies or on TV, and as a product of science fiction, we could have an idea of what it would be like to have a life-size floating image of a person in front of our eyes, talking to us and answering our questions.

We all remember Leia Organa’s holographic distress message to Obi-Wan Kenobi, delivered by R2-D2 in ‘Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope,’ which at the time of its release -in 1977- meant a great novelty for the cinema and, of course, for the viewers who were exploring Combat on their Atari 2600 in terms of entertainment technology.


Holograms were only fantasy and were part of a “very distant” future for humanity, so who would imagine, almost 45 years later, that generating a hologram to transmit any content would be possible?

Now, this is a reality, and under the name of Holostreaming, it is included in the phygital experiences (digital + physical) that are currently trending worldwide and are achieving memorable and innovative impacts, with greater engagement between viewers and brands, when they are included and used correctly in hybrid events.

In this same category, we find the traditional Hologram, a projection enriched with 3D elements, which can enhance scenography for brand activation, among other creative apps.

Holodisplay is also an interesting option for hybrid events. It consists of holograms projected in 3D using an urn or box from cell phones, tablets, and even larger formats. This tool is ideal for a showroom, working as a digital glorifier.

In addition to these phygital trends, there are also other interesting formats such as Mapping, which is made up of projections on physical models, whether organic or defined structures, allowing the contents to interact with reality in an impactful way and even allowing the user to control what is shown.

Following this line, the Interactive Wall is also where push buttons and mapping are integrated through electronic conductive ink, allowing the user to touch the surface and control the animated contents.

Finally, another high-impact tool is Augmented Reality, which consists of integrating graphic content over a view of the real world. For this, devices such as cell phones or tablets are used, adding virtual information to the reality seen by the user.

Greater interaction, greater retention

As we have already seen, when we talk about digital tools, we do not only refer to creating websites or doing mailings. From experience, in Igloolab, we have managed to mix creative innovation with relational processes, resulting in multisensory reactions.

However, based on the post-covid “new normal,” every experience must not only “feel” real but “be” truly real.

This is another of the phygital trends transforming digital marketing: Multisensory experiences, which integrate the technologies mentioned above into different ways to provide a superior digital experience.


This can be achieved by adding other elements such as proximity sensors, electronic buttons, smell devices, haptic controls, among others, to make innovative mixes, creating new experiences to connect with the public.

In addition, we can implement Multidevice Interactions, which go beyond the conventional webinars, conferences, forums, or congresses and allow connecting the exhibitor’s experience with the user’s actions, turning the receiver into an active subject in front of the contents and knowledge.  

This tool allows connecting cell phones or devices with screens to perform actions such as voting, games, and all kinds of interactions in real-time.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the Maximized or Mixed Reality Mode, a mix between virtual reality and augmented reality. In our company, we decided to use it so that the user, utilizing a device -glasses-, can make a scan of the real environment outside and, in this, start to visualize and interact with virtual elements in 3D that are superimposed on reality.

In our case, we use this innovative tool for the pharmaceutical industry to develop creative applications without limits, such as surgery simulations, visualization of processes in organs, among others.

When we talk about phygital, without a doubt, our goal must be: to manage to articulate content with technological tools in such a successful way that they generate a truly high retention rate, turning each message into an unforgettable experience.


Luis Alfonso Ruíz                                                                                                                                                       IgloolabCEO


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