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Continuing education, multiple formats to keep their knowledge up to date.
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Our Elearning Platform is the perfect virtual space to offer your audience continuing education. With its simple, intuitive interface, users will be able to easily access content presented in multiple formats to keep their knowledge up to date.



Customize the platform
with your brand or product’s images.

Various multimedia formats
(Lectures, podcasts, videos, infographics, chroma conferences, and bibliographic material.)

Encourage user participation with games, interactive tools like forms, surveys, and clinical cases.

Evaluate your audience’s progress to make sure they’ve learned the topics you’ve covered.

Segment the courses
offered on the platform.

Enjoy the guarantee that you’ll have the necessary support to connect all your users simultaneously.

Access participation metrics within a
course with robust data analytics support.

Certify users to show that they
completed academic programs offered.

Our results


Courses developed.

0 +

pharmaceutical companies
in Latin America have
created their medical
continuing education programs
with us.

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Healthcare professionals
are registered on our platform.

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