How are interactive walls made?


Get to know how interactive walls are made in pharmaceutical marketing and which are the advantages of including it in your commercial strategy.
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The challenge of interaction through high-impact content went from electronic devices to simpler devices, which helped users improve its capacity of acceptance of messages and important data.

A part of this change is possible thanks to the ability of new technologies to mix and match different formats to create tools that are being used frequently in different areas and for different subjects.

Among these tools, we can find interactive walls that mix together the best of audiovisual techniques, and strategies to get the attention of any public ready to experience disruptive formats.

But first, what’s behind this interesting tool? At first hand, there is a structure rather simple made of polystyrene screens, adhesive vinyl, short throw projectors and, buttons. However, the tool’s appeal relies on how the experience is designed.

The planning of interactive walls is primarily made for catching the attention of people, that are in the same space, almost immediately.

Features of an interactive wall

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Is really important to establish the differences between a simple map projection and mapping. The key point relies on the incorporation of the audience or user, directly, into the performance, leading to ‘interaction’

The dynamic of visual elements and graphics used on it, is focused on a content flow that has a certain order, to reach a final message. This interaction map, led by the narrative of experience, is a step-by-step description of how the user should use the available buttons to use the tool correctly.

The experience should be simple, brief and, fun. If it is included in a marketing or communication strategy, it’s important to know that interactive walls are not designed to be used for content with long texts or with wide content that could end up compromising user’s attention.

Through an interactive wall we can explain how something works, show the evolution of some product, show the changes of a service or, explain whatever we want trough a timeline, as long as the elements used for the projection are dynamic and easy to understand.  

How do interactive walls work?

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The starting point of an interactive wall is a text in motion that says “click here” which indicates what the user should do to start the experience.

Through sensors and buttons placed over a panel of four-meter approximately, the projections that are part of the narrative of the interactive wall are activated. From a distance of 50 meters, we find two ultra-short video beams that coordinately project the narrative of what’s planned to show in it.

You can get to know the changes an organ goes through, know the variations it suffers due to a disease and, what could happen when using a certain molecule for some treatment and which are its results. All of this trough a set of manual or foot buttons which guide the browsing process of the user.

Which technologies are used for interactive walls?

The creation of an interactive wall starts with the design of the components that will be projected, as well as the organisation of the content that will be showed in the interactive wall. To achieve this, some programs like Illustrator and Photoshop are used, to create characters, figures and some other elements that will be part of the wall’s theme.

In case of requiring more impressive reproduction techniques, programs such as Adobe After Effects and Blender are the right ones, or Cinema 4D for more complex animations.    

The proper technology for the functioning of the interactive wall is called Arduino, which is connected to an electronic platform that puts the interactions together, recognizes movements and sends the interaction’s signal. With the help of other programming elements, perfect coordination for every sensor to respond differently to an animation or content can be achieved.

Perfect places for an interactive wall

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When we talk about the impact of interactive walls, they are specially made to catch the attention of anyone at any place. However, the main objective is to use this tool for a context that is related to the objective of the experience.

Is easier to do a brand launch, the announcement of a change of image or, the explanation of an action mechanism of a molecule by using techniques that are more dynamic, integrative with the audience and encourages them to know more of our content.

The location doesn’t matter however  there are some important physical requirements that could improve the experience. If possible, it should be a closed space, with little light that makes the setting up easier.

A hotel lobby, a mall or a room for events are some of the perfect spaces for the setup of an interactive wall.

How useful is an interactive wall?

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The use of new technologies for marketing and communication strategies has made the creation of innovative formats easier, which effectively reaches audiences willing to gain knowledge in a different way.

Just by stepping out of the box, by being more creative when giving our messages and taking risks to offer unforgettable experiences, we can expect action from our audiences.

That’s why, this is the goal of tools like interactive walls, that can be mixed up with different graphic and effect techniques, to improve its action field. Some tools like 3D and 2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Holograms, Mapping, among others; give a distinguishing factor to it which will have a bigger impact.

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The success of interactive walls relies on the usage of every function in a short-time period. That’s how, the experience must be planned to last a maximum of 3 minutes, or make sure that every button projects the content in 30 or 40 seconds, so engaging with the audience is easier. 

How do we prepare ourselves at Igloolab to create interactive walls?

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As a company specialised on pharmaceutical digital marketing, at igloolab, we have included investigation, science and creativity into innovative formats that have transformed how we manage audiences’ knowledge.

We distance ourselves from traditional formats in order to provide our clients with innovative tools, where we put together content specialized on phygital technologies (physical+digital) like holograms, mapping, virtual reality, augmented reality, 360 videos, interactive walls, etc., so the engagement with our users is higher.

Through elements, designs and great setups, each of our tools is used effectively because it is based on structured and studied content previously evaluated by scientific experts.

The permanent investigation on technological advances is an important component for the development of each format, which are focused on communicating what our clients want in a clear and effective way.

More phygital experiences you can include in your events.

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When we refer to phygital experiences, we refer to putting together elements from the physical and digital world to give a multichannel experience to the public. Also, when we talk about digital tools, we not only talk about making webs or mailing. Based on our experience, at igloolab we have mixed together creative innovation and related processes that result in multi-sensory reactions.

Holostreaming, Holodisplay, Mapping and Augmented Reality are some of the tools that we can use to spread the information we want in a more dynamic way.

Just like we can also use hybrid events, in which the digital formats have a key role for helping us have a greater reach by getting to different parts of the world without the users having to go places, breaking time and space barriers.

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We just have to take a step out of the box to open up to the use of new tools and formats that go beyond the traditional designs and turn out to be unforgettable experiences for our audience.

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