Importance of virtual education


Virtual education has gained importance from the change in social dynamics. Learn how it is used in the pharmaceutical sector.

The use of technology and the increase in information channels pose new challenges for society every day, as it seeks a better alternative for developing skills in various fields.

Even before the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual education had already gained traction, becoming an exciting option for those who want to continue developing their skills without relocating to a new city or even country while breaking free from constraints of rigid schedules and inconspicuous master classes.

Virtuality opened a host of options for new formats and tools that allow those who seek to learn new skills to be able to do so more conveniently, without time and location restraints.

Virtual education focuses on three fundamentals principles, promoting productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness. And the pharmaceutical sector is no stranger to this new scenario. This is an open invitation to have all the information at our fingertips with just one “click.”

Benefits of virtual education

Virtual education, also known as elearning -electronic learning- shows an increasingly marked trend worldwide. Accessibility and convenience are the main advantages of this trend. Knowledge is at the users’ fingertips with just one device.

Undoubtedly, the main benefit of eLearning is the elimination of physical and temporal barriers to accessing knowledge. Being able to train work teams has never been easier. Personalized tools comprised of various formats guarantee a better experience: Videos, podcasts, webinars, and even virtual reality; all within a gamification process contributes to each participant’s advancement within the courses.

Also, through resources such as chats or discussion forums, we leave behind passive audiences and in turn facilitate sharing of information between participants and speakers.  Another benefit of virtual education is the ease of monitoring the progress of our audience, through statistical learning functions. We can measure each student through graphs and reports, thereby revealing valuable data that can improve the contents and topics of each session.

Importance of elearning

As society constantly evolves companies must keep pace with shifting dynamics within its environment.

Training employees is an investment with great benefits for companies as each new skill directly impacts daily work performance.

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Elearning proposes a new knowledge management system. A quality digital course is much more than a sequence of slides; as we have seen. Numerous formats can be integrated, hosted in a single site, available to be used at any time with the preferred device.

Virtuality significantly reduces costs while improving the skills of the workforce. Employees can access the virtual education platform of their choice, as many times as necessary, to retain the information.

The launch of a new product is one area that companies can use eLearning to train employees or even leverage their current knowledge with new information.

How has elearning impacted the pharmaceutical sector?

Considering that the shelf life of patents within the pharmaceutical industry is relatively short, constant training on the characteristics and benefits of new molecules is necessary for both sales personnel and healthcare professionals

Traditional training tends to make these processes slow because it is subject to factors of time, location, and the availability of the face-to-face instructor. Thanks to eLearning, the pharmaceutical industry has taken an important step in disseminating information on the advances of science and the results of research with greater effectiveness thereby guaranteeing total efficiency. This type of platform offers benefits that up until now, were unattainable.

Moving from the need for face-to-face learning to the ease of virtuality has made health professionals aware of new findings and studies with limited disruptions to their daily schedules.

Each content that is used in virtual education platforms for this sector must have scientific support backed by scientific societies with  first-hand knowledge of the information to be disseminated for each audience.

Through in-depth development of resources to be used in the launch of new drugs and devices a high-quality pedagogical module advises the audience on usage and mechanism thereby enhancing performance.

igloolab offers a solution to empower the audience of the pharmaceutical world

At igloolab, we are an agency specialized in pharmaceutical marketing. We have made it our mission to develop products and services that benefit and enhance the training and knowledge of healthcare professionals by creating interactive tools that increase retention and encourage engagement. We believe that this is the cornerstone for bridging audiences from all over the pharmaceutical world on the advances of health and science.

One such technology is Elearning, a virtual space that offers continuing education to a specific audience, using a simple and intuitive interface, making it easier for users to access content presented in multiple formats such as conferences, podcasts, videos, infographics, chroma conferences and bibliographic material.

This scheme adapted to the pharmaceutical industry in a much more effective way has managed to simultaneously connect hundreds of doctors from around the globe. This allows physicians to share their knowledge and professional experiences with other professionals, and of course the pharmaceutical industry.

Benefits of our Elearning Platform

Learning is everywhere, and in our company, we have designed formats that break the barriers of space-time, to generate strategies with truly interactive formats, which immerse audiences in a memorable experience.

Our eLearning Platform is the perfect virtual space to offer your audience continuing education. With its simple and intuitive interface, users will be able to easily access content presented in multiple formats to stay up to date.

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This tool encourages user participation with games, interactive tools such as forms, surveys and clinical cases. In addition, eLearning allows facilitators to evaluate the progress of the audience and validate the learning of the topics at hand.

Another advantage of this platform is the ability to utilize the necessary support to connect all users simultaneously. It allows users to access the participation metrics within a course with a solid support of data analysis. At Igloolab we have developed more than 80 courses for different pharmaceutical companies in Latin America, impacting nearly 170 thousand health professionals with continuing medical education programs.

Ask for a demo of our Elearning platform  and discover its importance

igloolab is the pioneer company in the use of omnichannel and multichannel marketing for the pharmaceutical industry in Colombia.

Over more than a decade, we have changed communication models to involve digital tools and engagement measurement  in physical scenarios, improving the user experience every day.

Based on constant updating and innovation, to provide solutions to the pharmaceutical industry, aligned with what is happening in the international market and its trends, we have a portfolio of services that respond to the current needs of health professionals.

We invite you to know our Elearning Platform, ask for a demonstration and discover its importance.

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