Medical Marketing: Importance and challenges


Pharmaceuticals should take advantage of medical marketing so new clients know about their products. Know the challenges of the sector.

The technological development and growth in health services have created a competitive market where customers’ expectations of quality and differential service are more demanding; therefore, medical marketing has been transformed to understand in-depth the unsatisfied patients’ needs, seeking to meet them effectively, prioritizing their well-being and quality of life.

To achieve such satisfaction, studies and market research are required to analyze data and relevant information in order to implement effective marketing strategies. This will guarantee that patients meet their needs and remain satisfied with health personnel.

What is Medical Marketing?

Like other businesses, professionals in the health industry need to develop strategies to attract customers – patients. Medical Marketing is that set of marketing strategies that seek to promote medical services supported by technology, digital platforms or advertising campaigns, which aim to meet the patients’ needs.

Another purpose of this type of marketing is to generate recognition, that means for the public to remember the capabilities the professionals have, while recognizing their experience, humanized and reliable service.

Principal characteristics of Medical Marketing?

In medical marketing, the patient’s benefit is priority. Advertising in health professionals aim to generate recognition and add value to patients throughout transparency and accessibility, focusing on experience, current affairs and the knowledge the professional can offer the patients to care for their health.

Communication must be effective and truthful from the first approach, since patients currently demand to be much more informed to make important decisions that may affect their well-being.

It should be noted that any health professional who needs to promote their medical services to attract clients or patients can use this type of marketing.

 Importance of medical marketing for pharmaceutical companies

The promotion of products and services by pharmaceutical companies require the accompaniment of health professionals, since they are the only ones with the authority to prescribe medications, hence we can ensure that medical marketing plays a key role in increasing the professionals’ competitiveness and its relationship with the patient, while favoring the visibility of pharmaceutical companies.

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How can pharmaceutical companies participate in medical marketing?

Physicians are some of the professionals who invest the most in updating their knowledge in order to offer high quality care, thus pharmaceutical companies can participate precisely through medical education, making benefits of their medicines known, their differentiation, the indications and the scientific support they have of their molecules.

Some pharmaceutical companies decide to go further by implementing digital content that illustrates processes where research, science and creativity come together giving as result a universe of information of easy assimilation; for instance, the illustration of functioning ingredients in an active drug inside the human body. This content is enriching for health professionals and helps them optimize the patients’ care and treatments.

How to promote a pharmacist to a doctor?

Pharmaceutical marketing is the most efficient way to promote a pharmaceutical company’s products and services to a medical specialist or a health professional. I doesn’t only make the offer visible, but it also contributes to the evolving industry, contributing knowledge management, training in the face of technological advances and developing new, more efficient communication channels for the benefit of both

Another initiative of the pharmaceutical marketing is holding events, as it is an ideal opportunity to bring together professionals and stakeholders from the health industry, and strategically present their products and services to a significant number of attendees generating memorable experiences, such as the phygital experiences with which it is possible to go from traditional hard-to-read physical deliverables, to digital tools that achieve total immersion.

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How can a phygital experience unite doctors and pharmacists?

One of the benefits of phygital experiences is to merge the elements of the digital and physical world to increase the proximity between their audiences; in the case of doctors and pharmacists, it contributes to a better interaction and optimization of their channels since it articulates specialized content using disruptive technologies, resulting in a much more precise, agile and eye-catching messages that generate greater recall and engagement.

Together, these experiences shorten distances, they break traditional models such as master conferences where doctors must attend events in person limiting themselves to receiving information; whereas, with phygital experiences, innovative technologies are implemented, greater participation is generated and in some cases it does not even require being physically in the same place to interact.

Challenges of the pharmaceutical industry in medical marketing

In order to introduce products to new clients, the pharmaceutical industry takes advantage of the benefits of medical marketing. However, it mus strive to make a difference, since doctors are continuously receiving information from several laboratories, 

To make its products known to new clients, the pharmaceutical industry takes advantage of the benefits of medical marketing, however, it must strive to make a difference, since doctors constantly receive information from various laboratories; in addition to providing them with valuable content in highly technological and attractive formats, the industry can contribute through medical education, helping them to optimize their patients’s treatments.

Create a digital marketing strategy for both audiences

Digital Marketing is a set of actions that companies implement to promote their products or services through platforms and tools; Now, it is possible to implement a digital marketing strategy that is effective for two different audiences – doctors and pharmacists – however, it is advised to have a clear objective and the impact they want to achieve with both audiences.

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