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With good pharmaceutical marketing strategies, you can create a community around unique products and experiences for your customers.

With the arrival of Covid-19 and its variants, the world has set its eyes on the research and development carried out by pharmaceutical laboratories, which have joined efforts to stop the effects of the virus while continuing to contribute to the care and cure of other diseases.

This new scenario has brought about a significant change in how we interact with patients, medical personnel, specialist associations, and others; it has become necessary to adopt new communication channels and find effective and efficient alternatives that will help the sector continue to grow.

Today, these audiences are leaning more and more towards disruptive formats that guarantee knowledge management and training in the face of industry advances. The generation of these contents is part of pharmaceutical marketing, whose strategies must be focused on creating a relationship with unbreakable ties between brands and their audiences.

Why invest in pharmaceutical marketing?

When we talk about pharmaceutical marketing, we also refer to the whole process of developing a new molecule to support life-saving actions.

In this case, we will focus on those products that a laboratory cannot sell directly to the consumer and need to be prescribed by a doctor. Hence the importance of giving a solid impetus for communication to close the buying process.

Health professionals receive information from different laboratories simultaneously about similar molecules, but only those who manage to generate real engagement will be able to ensure that their brand is remembered.

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For this, the doctor must be very clear about the benefits, differentiation, indications, and scientific support that a molecule from a laboratory has because this makes it much easier for it to be precisely aligned with the pathology of a patient, prescribe the drug that we are interested in promoting and from this way, a pharmacy clerk dispenses it.

Knowing that in the first contact with the doctor there is the critical point that marks success, we must encourage ourselves to go beyond the traditional, do it interactively, with added values in knowledge management, and, of course, generate memory in each of the channels we choose. That’s what pharmaceutical marketing is all about.

Before starting strategies, create a plan

The set of tactics to promote products and services of the different laboratory brands, respecting the guidelines of national and international regulatory frameworks, is what we call pharmaceutical marketing.

When we correctly apply a strategy, we guarantee a very positive impact on all audiences that the sector sees and who are increasingly demanding when it comes to establishing connections with a brand. To achieve this, it is essential to draw up a concrete plan for ourselves, which must be implemented based on the objectives we want to achieve.

To begin with, we must be very clear about what we want to achieve, who we are going to target and how we want to do it. At igloolab, we are dedicated to structuring omnichannel strategies where we previously segment customers; in this way, we offer channels that are more in line with their needs and create a specific spot for each of them.

Depending on the objective set, we also define specific targets for each product and improve the relationship with the customer who prefers a given medium, guaranteeing a consistent interaction, strengthening coherent and seamless communication, projecting an image of complete solidity for our brand.

What can we do to improve our marketing in the pharmaceutical sector?

Between science and creativity, an unbreakable bond was generated that charted a new course for companies that previously, out of fear or resistance to change, preferred to use traditional formats that in recent years have lagged behind the changes in the way we relate to each other that the application of biosafety standards for the control of the pandemic due to covid-19.

The pharmaceutical sector found a new way to impact its audiences in the digital field, avoiding crowds, constant contact, and generating new spaces and channels for communication. The new challenge has been breaking the deadlock and exploring beautiful formats that contribute to health professionals’ knowledge. But how to do it? Keeping in mind the following tips will help you in this task.

Improves content quality

Pharmaceutical digital marketing strategies must be connected to EMC — Continuing Medical Education — understood as the set of activities that allow healthcare professionals to update their knowledge and empower them to carry out their activities.

The quality of the content is determined by the validity of their data and the contribution they can provide to health professionals in the care of their patients. At igloolab, we develop our messages based on collaboration with scientific societies and laboratories to achieve greater objectivity in information. In our case, each strategy is drawn up, each piece created, has scientific backing, and is submitted to the approval of specialists in the field we are working on.

Digital experiences

Using digital tools with virtual scenarios that launch the so-called omnichannel helps us activate various communication channels to reach our target audience.

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We then find e-mailing, professional-oriented landing pages, e-learning, and digital clinical cases that bring as much knowledge as possible to the professionals who use them, turning the brands that provide and generate these channels into “partners”.

Phygital experiences for hybrid events

Phygital experiences — which mix the digital and physical worlds — in hybrid events generate statistical data on audience attendance, interests, interactions, how long they stay connected with the tools and let us know whether or not they received the content, whether or not they recommended it and how they rated it.

These tools offer the possibility of implementing an interactive system where the user can participate, whether physically or virtually in place, facilitating the relationship with elements of greater engagement, always taking care of consistency in the message, whatever channel is being used.

In addition to this hybrid activity, we can also add a gamification component, which does not only involve voting or leaving a comment on the action, but also opens up the possibility for the user to progress in stages, exceed levels, and be rewarded, even virtually, in a way that motivates connectivity and relationship with content that you’re seeing.

Empower your team for the digital world

Implementing a pharmaceutical marketing strategy requires prior knowledge of who will execute it. This process must be carried out by a team that recognizes how essential it is to generate valuable content and digital tools that take each format out of the traditional and provide more excellent options for accessing the information we want to disseminate.

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Positioning in the minds of our work team the range of options offered by the digital world through continuous training is the best way to start a process of conversion towards the new trends that are being applied in the world and that will undoubtedly keep us updated with the competition.

A successful pharmaceutical marketing strategy improves customer relationships

Appropriately strategizing, with a prior study of audiences, will favor two-way interaction, where feedback is paramount, and the customer will feel involved at all times.

Translating each action into a greater degree of brand loyalty and loyalty is the point on which we must focus, so it is ideal to have the support of an expert.

With over a decade of experience at igloolab, we are always looking for ways to simplify science. That is why we transform scientific and structured topics into dynamic, playful, and entertaining content, easy to understand and invite you to continue learning.

We have a strategy team that receives the requirements of our customers, and from there, we conceptualize a creative solution that combines technologies to create memorable experiences, whether physical, digital, or blended -phygital-. We are strategic partners and experts in pharmaceutical marketing. We ensure that the brands develop genuinely memorable experiences for their audiences, placing them not only in their minds but also in their hearts.

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