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Create experiences of greater impact for your medical events through interactive areas.

Technological advances have opened the door for communication strategies to go from using traditional channels to motivating users in the audience to interact with content in a more efficient way and acquire important data and messages.

With increasingly demanding audiences, it is necessary to combine different formats and create tools that can be applied to any subject. Interactive boards fuse the best of audiovisual techniques to capture the attention of any public open to live disruptive experiences.

What is behind this striking tool? From its planning, an interactive board is created to immediately capture people’s attention located in the same physical space. This is why:

Interactive boards for phygital experiences

The physical world is increasingly connected to the digital world, the use of new technologies have opened the way to create disruptive and more engaging formats. This is how the phygital experiences make it easier for us to reach publics open to acquiring knowledge in a different and more effective way.

We look to be increasingly creative in how to transmit our messages and take risks to generate truly memorable experiences parting from resources that get our audiences to action.

Interactive boards are how cause impact and provide a differential factor through
We provide a differential factor and cause impact through interactive boards, their ability to mix graphic techniques and effects to maximize their filed of action; 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, holograms, mapping, and more.

Find more hybrid experiences like the interactive wall.

Find more hybrid experiences like the interactive wall.

What objectives are we looking for with interactive walls?

Through an interactive wall we can explain what we want; from showing the evolution of a product or the changes in a service, as well as exposing in a timeline what we want, as long as the elements that we use in the projection are dynamic and easy to assimilate.
This tool has no other objective than to grab the attention of the audience and quickly engage them in a flow of information that arouses their interest from start to finish.
To achieve this, the most important requirement is the generation and implementation of short content that has a common thread between them and arouses the receiver’s curiosity, to motivate them to complete the experience.

¿Why integrate an interactive board to your pharmaceutical marketing strategy?

Let’s talk about interactive boards

At igloolab we transform scientific and structured subjects into dynamic, playful and entertaining content that is easy to understand, motivating you to continue learning.

Being pioneers in phygital experiences, in our creative lab, we trace and execute effective strategies for brands or therapeutic areas. Every one of our formats, content, tools and services are backed by research and care.

Our formats include interactive boards that integrate with other experiences in order to increase the engagement level. To ensure the effectiveness of our content, we include an EMC component – Continuing Medical Education – with a complete suite services offering: e-learning, clinical cases, virtual congresses, symposiums, organ atlases and other interesting options for sales representatives, other pharmaceutical industry players and scientific societies.

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Discover how to implement the interactive board in your pharmaceutical marketing strategies.

Discover how to implement the interactive board in your pharmaceutical marketing strategies.

Frequently asked questions

The development of an interactive board begins with designing the components to be projected, as well as the flow structure of the contents that make it up. The experience should be simple, short and fun.

In case it’s included in a marketing or communication strategy, is important to know that interactive boards are not designed to carry long texts, much less extensive content that ends up losing the user’s attention.

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How does an interactive board work?

It starts with the projection of a moving text saying: “click here”, which tells the user how to start interacting with the tool. We integrate push-buttons and mapping through electronic conductive ink, which allows the user to touch the surface and control the content animations, thus achieving a phygital experience that involves the direct interaction of the audience and generates great recall.
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What kind of content can I project in an interactive board?

The advantage of using dynamic tools such as interactive boards, is that you can bring any content to life. The idea is to have all the projections related with each other in and organized way. We can show a timeline with important events, explain how a molecule works and its role in the treatment of a certain pathology, as well as important data or characteristics of a new product within a brand launch, it all depends on the creativity.
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Can the interactive board be projected on any type of surface?

The key requirement for the projection is for the surface to have some kind of opacity to receive the image. Therefore, we can use matte vinyl, holographic glass, a white wall or a common wall. No matter the place, however, there are some physical specifications that could optimize the impact of this experience: preferably indoors, spaces with very little lighting, and the possibility of facilitating the assembly.


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